Goddess Council

A sisterhood where you belong.

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Who We Are

Goddess Council is a wellness community and sisterhood curating intimate gatherings virtually and IRL where all women can come together to engage in soul-centered connections, feel joy, and access opportunities to honor the inner goddess within!

"You're surrounded by a group of open and accepting women who just want to be there for you. It's honestly self-care. I left feeling emotionally hugged." -Karla 

Who Should Join

You might consider joining if:

  • Quarantine has inspired you to seek and be a part of a a soul-aligned community

  • You’re looking to be a part of a judgement-free space that will embrace you through the challenges that come along with womanhood and the ups and down of being a human

  • You’re a WOC looking for an inclusive community that prioritizes your peace, safety, and wellness

  • You're starting off on your spiritual journey and want access to like-minded women who understand living and thinking beyond the superficial 

  • You're seeking opportunities to evolve into the highest version of yourself

  • You can honor every woman’s Goddess-like energy and are looking to connect and cultivate from a heart-centered place 

  • You live in a new place and are seeking to connect with like minded women locally

  • You are manifesting a new community that will embrace you with sisterhood energy and will remain invested in your long-term wellbeing

  • You’re looking to add new fulfilling and enriching experiences into your life

  • You crave a toxic-free community 

    • No gossip

    • No racism, xenophobia, hate

    • No cattiness

    • No clique's 

    • No bullshit

What You'll Access

Who doesn't love a good perk?

  • 20+ intimate virtual wellness sessions led by diverse practitioners
    • Gatherings will all be created to maximize connection between members and will lean toward elements such as holistic health, self-growth, spirituality, joy, and opportunities for healing
    • Pre-recorded workshops and classes accessible 24/7
  • Mindfully curated theme-focused groups
  • One-on-one introductions to members with overlapping interests
  • Monthly book club 
  • Member directory
  • Direct messaging with fellow members
  • Wellness resource center
  • Exclusive perks list and access to free giveaways

"The experience made me feel full. All my expectations were exceeded at the meeting; I made new connections, learned things about myself, and feel stronger standing in my purpose." -Courtni

"We need more of these experiences happening for women! It’s  truly a beautiful and safe space where everyone can be open to receive and give love!"

We can't wait to meet you, goddess! ✨

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